Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Corner of my new nook

In an attempt to be more organised, I have cleaned the small ante room off our bedroom to create a space that I don't want to share. There is room for a desk and a small wicker credenza. I will be more organised, the paper work in my life will be more organised, I will know where important things will be kept. They will be kept here, at least that is the plan.

This is a corner of this new space, inspired by the collection of photos from Corners of My Home.

The painting on the wall is a depiction of the Universe painted by Tibetan Lamas on linen and was bought in Kathmandu.

The ceramic Winnie-the-Pooh holding balloons turns around as it tinkles music, and is my fondest childhood thing. My sisters and I were taken to a toy store in England when I was 6 (we were on holiday) and told we could choose whatever we wanted, and that is what I chose.

There are more photos here.

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