Saturday, August 26, 2006

On a roll...

I really admire those bloggers out there that post everyday, without fail. They tend to be the ones I click first in Bloglines to see the latest happenings. I also click on all you tardy posters (such as myself) to see what you have to say for yourself, usually starts with an excuse! ; )

Anyway it seem two posts in one day is a bit of a record, and it is semi-work related (does that count?).

My friend, 'need-to-find-a-better-paying- job-'cos-I-just-bought-a-house' and I went to the opening of the AFI screenings in Hobart. The feature screening was a new Aussie flick called, Suburban Mayhem. Which was kinda appropriate given aforementioned friend is about to join the homeowners club and find out the real truth about suburban mayhem.

Anyways, the film was actually pretty bad, (although friend loved it) and I wouldn't really recommend it.

But, the AFI Awards screenings are being sponsored by a certain high-end cosmetics company, who generously left little goody bags on all the seats! Woo-hoo free product! And, boy do they know their market, because the crown jewel of the bag was an Anti-Ageing Glycolic Peel Kit!

I normally try to use only natural products on my skin, but that is now out the window, I am keen to try the miracle acid treatment that will dissolve both my wrinkles and worries away. I will keep you posted on progress.


Damn! I have just read the small print and it suggests consulting my doctor before using on sensitive skin (that's me), AND, you need to stay out of the sun for 7 days afterwards... creepy.

peacocks, parties and pooh

The story of my life in days revolves around work, looking after the boys, being pregnant with number 3 and washing washing, washing, clothes, plates and rooms.

I am not sure I want to talk about work and the sewing creations have dwindled, as the attention on the everyday tasks becomes a tsunami, so my offering today is some images from our little home.

- The Georges eating left over pasta
- The invitation to Luka's 5th birthday party next week, and,
- Yet, more pillows %#&**!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Six Pack

Yep, made some more cushions today. Woo-hoo.
I had already made most of the blocks, but nevertheless, it feels good to give them a little more purpose.

I am thinking of have a market stall at our local craft/produce market, or starting an etsy online shop, what do you think? Any takers?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Wip Fridy

I am stitching a new quilt. I started with a flurry a few months ago, then screeched to a halt. This is where I stopped - some bits sewn together, some cut out, some still to cut. There will be lots of blank cream cotton squares and then a random sprinkling of pattern and colour. All squares, small, medium and large.

I hopeful that there will be found the inspiration to keep going. I am outing myself as a one-quilt-wonder, may be I can finish this one and break the curse.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Guppy Love

Big R has an aquarium with a few tropical fish, the stocks have been a little low lately. ( I think the interest is waning ) But the reason I am even telling you is that one of the 2 guppies we have left had babies. 30 of them, at least that is an estimate, there were swarms of tiny little mini fish. We were so proud, until I looked the next day, down to 10, and the day after, 3 left.
Today there is only 1 little fishy. Apparently the mother is eating her babies, at least 29 of them to date.

Prior to having children of my own, this sort of infanticide would have sent a shiver to my core. But now I am a mother I kinda get it. It is not that I condone the eating of one's off-spring, it is just that I understand there are so many laws of nature that we have no control over.

And raising children is kind of the same, you can feed them vegetables, teach them to say please and wipe their own noses. And that is about it, at the end of the day the laws of the jungle will effect them more, I think. Yeah, yeah, I am sure that I count for more, but may be I am not so sure.

On a lighter note, it was Emily's birthday on the weekend, impetus enough to get me into the attic and to make her an obligatory log cabin cushion (seems to be the 'birthday present du jour' around here). Here is a snap shot of the pillow and the birthday girl in the middle (sorry Em).

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