Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This is ...

...my demon, not so demonic but merely a lustful addiction...

I love interior design magazines and blogs. I can drool and imagine and want and desire everything fabulous in these imaginary houses. The problem is there is so much gorgeousness (read desire) and my means just do not match.
Deep down I think it is really a over blown love of styling, because really, my stuff would look just as lovely, if some amazingly talented stylist popped by and fixed up my things and just well lit them properly and cleaned up a little. Made it shiny. Maybe?

ps. all these images are from Design Sponge..

Thursday, March 20, 2008

This is...

My creation, better late than never... for the meme started by Three Buttons. He is a Waldorf inspired needle felted Gnome. You can't really see in the photo his coat is undyed black wool from our Bear.
My Steiner teacher buddy came over with her two girls for a craft morning and we made wee little gnomes. She also let me take a peek in this book for further wool created inspiration.

I especially love the trees....

p.s. You can get the book here.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Autumn Beach Day

Me in a bathing suit it not my ideal outfit. (Fortunately no pictures)

Made especially worse when I ran into 5 people I know. Really, you should be able to wobbly around in a half clothed state with a little more privacy. But, 38 degrees (100F) in Autumn in Hobart is a very unusual and I guess it was on everyone's mind to hit the sand with the kidlets.

I even swam.! (which if you know how cold the water is here even on a hot hot day you would appreciate my efforts)

Monday, March 10, 2008

This is....

My front door... you can see it is still Christmas at our place, nice, a dessicated wreath in March...

This the view from the front door...

All part of the This is meme started by Angela. Strange thing about blogging is that I feel like I am on first name basis with people I have never met and probably walk straight past in the street. But nevertheless, Brooke has some really cool graffiti outside her front door, and Alison has a wonderful verandah in Daylesford, which looks so inviting.

And, lastly Kitty who purchased my Love Bird heart from Meet me at Mikes, also has a very tasty apartment view of someone else's tennis court.

So another nice day in Hobart means we might just head down the hill to the beach, twice in two days, must be some sort of record.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Brodie Neill

Last night I was fortunate to hear a talk by Tasmanian designer, now based in London, Brodie Neill. It was wonderful to see his work and hear him talk about the process and his trajectory to date. He already has some fantastic designs in production with Italian furniture manufacturer Kundalini and more in the pipeline. I have become an overnight fan.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Hit the snooze button

I have tried to blog but I find the minutiae of my life quite frankly tedious and boring. I have mixed feelings about sharing my creativity and I fear endless posts about the kids is more like a photocopied Christmas letter agonisingly broken into incessant updates whenever I can be bothered (which is not very often).

So pointless without direction I am afraid this little digital flotsam is like many of my past efforts at things, unlikely to go the distance.

I am not calling quits yet, because, like space junk it is already in orbit and well you just never know I might find some momentum, direction, commitment, focus, any of the above, sometime soon.
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