Thursday, July 26, 2007

Log-Cabin Jam

Whoo-hoo nothing like a little bed rest (courtesy of plague-virus) and kiddos safely anchored in school/day-care, to finally round up the last few stitches of binding holding this baby together.

I am not sure how long it has taken because I made up some of the log-cabin squares in a flurry last year with the intention of turning them into pillows. Then changed my mind, made a few more then sewed them all together with some fabric I was given (thanks Inghy and Espy) and voila!

I think it is pretty baudy, gaudy and loud, a lot more pink and orange than I first imagined, but I took on the 'use what you have' approach and this is the result.

I don't think it will stay on the bed as our bedroom is now painted a restful sage green and the intention should probably stay that way - restful! So I imagine this will end up on the couch... next quilt is for Luka, I promise.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dreaming of my higher self

They say when you dream of a house, you are actually dreaming of your higher self.
If this is true, then I am deflated... It seems my higher self is a cramped, brick veneer house in the suburbs?

Why couldn't I be a rambling Italianate McMansion? or, a rustic rough-hewn log cabin by a lake? Georgian town-house with high ceilings? I'd even settle for a teepee in a valley somewhere. It seems despite by attempts at self-delusion I am as ordinary and mundane as they come.

Within any luck it was a mere blip on the cosmic plain and tonight my true self will reveal itself as a Frank Lloyd Wright house of simple elegance, or an apartment in Paris complete with poodle. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Needle felted animals

I took a needle felting class a couple of weeks ago. It was both easy and hard and all together quite a lot of fun. The teacher specialises in Australian native animals, (they are most of hers in the photos) and they are truly adorable. I made a gnome, who is siting because I couldn't figure how to get him to stand up without falling down again.

I can see a horizon dotted with felted creatures as they are quite satisfying to make and pretty indestructable. Is there a balance to be found between creating things and creating more clutter? Maybe I will just have to give them away.
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