Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dreaming of my higher self

They say when you dream of a house, you are actually dreaming of your higher self.
If this is true, then I am deflated... It seems my higher self is a cramped, brick veneer house in the suburbs?

Why couldn't I be a rambling Italianate McMansion? or, a rustic rough-hewn log cabin by a lake? Georgian town-house with high ceilings? I'd even settle for a teepee in a valley somewhere. It seems despite by attempts at self-delusion I am as ordinary and mundane as they come.

Within any luck it was a mere blip on the cosmic plain and tonight my true self will reveal itself as a Frank Lloyd Wright house of simple elegance, or an apartment in Paris complete with poodle. I'll keep you posted.


Lonie Polony said...

My 'dream' house (I hate that phrase, it least one person I despise uses it in all seriousness) is ridiculously unobtainable. What does that say about me?

Carson said...

Ha! :)
And you're very welcome aboard the HP-FreeZone Express

just btw...I've often wondered what exactly this "higher self" is and how it's different from one's "regular" self

Anonymous said...

just come back from Taormina in Sicily on a girls holiday am now thinking of packing it all in buying small apartment on the hill and learning Italian. While didn't spot dream house have found dream terazzo with view over mount Etna complete with champagne and hot waiter .... I am becoming quite the stereotype late thirties spinster ! - have bought the boys some football shirts aunty harriet

Emily said...

are you guys moving?

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