Monday, June 29, 2009

Wintery stitching

Try as I might to make sophisticated, subdued and understated items... it seems there is always a riot in the fabric stash. The colours demand to be heard, all of them, all at once, with extra trim and bling.
It is hard to see, but these are some new cushions I have been working on and some things I have named 'Portuguese Christmas Trees' after inspiration from a window in Lisbon.

This cushion is from a collection I have been working on. I made this one for the Cancer Council Breakfast's silent auction that Harriet from Dick and Dora is organising at Moorilla. Should be a lovely morning, tickets will be available closer to the date. The cushion has a dusky orange velvet backing with piping and a lovely squishy feather insert. If there are any left I will be taking them to the next Market which will be in August.

The little act of making seems about all I can do some days and maybe that is enough.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Kid Style File - Win Prizes

Kidstylefile is the best site online to help you stay informed on designer and boutique baby and kids clothes, gear, decor, nursery items and toys. It is fun to keep in the loop on all the beautiful new childrens products coming to market, the inside scoop on sales, and they broker special offers and discount codes exclusively for KidStyleFile readers.

It is also based in Tassie and run by my good friend Angela, who as well as wrangling this powerhouse also looks after the most adorable twin girls, one talented husband and two cute chookies.

But really I wanted to let you know that the second KidStyleFile Annual Reader Survey is on. Angela will be donating 50 cents for every completed survey to Make-A-Wish Australia. And every completed survey go into the draw to win from a fantastic prize pool of over AUD$12,000.00.

One in 30 participants will win a prize, so don’t miss your chance. But hurry – you only have until midnight, 30 June 2009.

This year’s prize sponsors include prestigious Australian baby and kids fashion labels Moppit, Toetum, Baobab, Oobi Baby & Kids, and Polka, high end baby-goods brands Babymoov, and ERGObaby Carrier, award-winning decor pieces from Cocoon Couture, state of the art toys from Intelliplay, and magazine subscriptions from established parenting magazine My Child, and new baby and kids style publication Little One Baby.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another year older

Hi Folks

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, it is nice that it is over, unfortunately I seemed to have aged! Damn, I was trying to ignore it but it seems I have gone up 1! The years keep adding to my age I am sooooo double figures, and it seems my chin, belly and butt is doubling quite easily as well!

Anyway, I did have a nice day. Spent the morning following the 2 older boys around the soccer pitches of Sandy Bay, then headed over to the Mothers Market around 11ish.

It just isn't that relaxing shopping with children, so after a few cupcakes and a few catch ups we were out a there! But I was lucky enough to get a breath with the new and lovely creations of Dick and Dora and Baby Hoot, they are just lovely. There are more market pictures here and here.

Here is my second son outside the hall kicking someone elses ball looking a little Edwardian (he likes to wear his soccer socks like tights and walk around in his duffle coat and shorts - its an all navy concotion).

Next stop the Colville St Gallery to drool over the newest exhibition of Zsuzsa Kollo, I love her work and would love to get one. I think I might have to have another look sans offspring.

Then off home to have champers with a couple of friends and their kidlets there were 10 between us! Here is Finley doing his impression of Woody Allen...

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Sculptors Garden

I love these beautiful hand blown terraniums and acrylic cast bird bath. All part of beautiful garden and home of Paula Hayes, a sculptor based in NYC.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I've been Tagged


1. Mention the name of the person who tagged you.
2. Complete the lists of 8 Things.
3. Tag 8 bloggers of your choice by listing
their links in your blog.
4. Let them know that they have been tagged!

I was tagged by Pippi from Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree

8 Things I'm looking forward to:

1. Finding some time to sew
2. 'Crafty' exhibition at the Sidespace 23/6 - 29/6
3. Going to the Mother's Market on my birthday
4. My birthday - hello worm farm
5. Getting some chooks
6. Going to Kids inSTYLE with my good friend Ange in a couple of weeks
7. Visitors from the USA in August
8. Winning cool prizes in the Kid Style File readers survey (I can't actually win (boohoo) because I am family, but you can... lots of cools stuff, get over there)

8 Things I did yesterday:

1. Sliced up some premade cookie dough for instant M&M cookies, nb, the dough itself is worth a nibble..
2. Made up a new cushion with piping!
3. Had a cuddle with my BFF's new baby, Meika
4. I am stretching to think of 4 more interesting things...
5. Started watching Paris with Juliette Binoche
6. Made a big mess which I didn't clear up
7. Talked to my friends on the phone
8. Ho hum, made dinner... sorry yesterday was pretty mundane..

8 Things I wish I could do:

1. Go to Paris
2. Go to Barcelona
3. Go to New York
4. Go to Lisbon
5. Go to Copenhagen
6. ... enough of that you get the picture...
7. Speak Spanish
8. Become slim, stylish and French

8 Shows I watch (or have watched)

1. Million Dollar Traders
2. Antiques Roadshow
3. Grand Designs
4. West Wing
5. Sopranos
6. River Cottage with Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall (I heart Hugh)
7. Gavin and Stacey (not sure if this is on here yet, watched in on DVD)- very funny
8. Who do you think you are?

8 Bloggers that I Tagged

1. Dick and Dora
2. Melissa Goodsell
3. Nadine Kessler
4. Susie McMahon Dolls
5. Birdy and Me
6. Lonie Polony
7. Tas Knitters Spins
8. Magoolie Designs

Monday, June 08, 2009

Market Day Wrap up

Rainy weekends are perfect for staying home in front of the fire, which is usually where you would find me. But, the weekend of markets got me out of the house, by the beach and running around St David's Park with the Autumn leaves.

The Blackman's Bay market was again full of lots of lovely things and people. My stall was next to the very lovely Lynne from Tas Knitters Spins, who dyes and spins her own wool and knits gorgeous baby hats. The wool is incredibly beautiful and great value. I have been avoiding knitting and crocheting for the longest time, because I can only imagine it will turn into another craft obsession and I don't really need another one - Lynne's wool nearly turned me and still might!

I purchased this stunning pencil roll from Marita, and while the plan was to not let the boys touch it, they already got to it without me looking - hence the missing orange pencil. It is just so amazingly beautiful I might just hang it on the wall.

I also picked up a Flintstone-esque felt ball key ring from Julie and a lovely laser cut Key brooch from Fiona Verdouw.

The Market was also fun and lots of lovely things. I went with my matey who has 4 kidlets and unfortunately there were a few implosions so we didn't stay long. I did pick up a book called 'Below Tree Level', illustrated by Leigh Rigozzi and written by Benny Walter. I haven't started it yet, but having them all lined up on the table reminded me of Uni days - don't ask me why, but hey I hope he sold a few and continues to write.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Winter Beach Market

I love heading to the beach in the winter months. The combination of mist, drizzle, wet sand and white caps is wonderful. This weekend it is going to be even more fun, because chuck in a warm coffee and a craft market at the end of your walk and it must be close to heaven.

This Saturday, the Blackman's Bay Beach Market is going to be swinging the doors wide open at the Community Hall on the beach. There will be lots of lovely and talented local designers and makers sharing their wares, as well as veggies, honey, herbs and jams. I think it might just be the perfect way to start what looks like a drizzly weekend. I am going be having a stall, so please stop by and say hello.

The Market at the Masonic Temple is also on my list of to-do's this weekend. Sunday from 10-3 at the Masonic Temple opposite St Davids Park. This market is just getting better and better and I am really looking forward to having the time to take it all in. What fun!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Heads Up - Cool exhibition alert!

I can't wait for this one - - looks fantastic.
Featuring. . .
Tara Badcock, Monique Germon, Ghostpatrol, Lovelyduck, Jess Lillico, Kirsty Madden, Miso, Tom O'Hern, Cat-Rabbit.

Sidespace Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, 24- 29 June, 2009

Monday, June 01, 2009

Jelly Boys

Jelly, jelly, jelly. If you love wibbly wobbly jelly as much as I do, then you will love what these young guys are doing with gelatine.

Jelly Architecture. Wonderful.
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