Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another year older

Hi Folks

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, it is nice that it is over, unfortunately I seemed to have aged! Damn, I was trying to ignore it but it seems I have gone up 1! The years keep adding to my age I am sooooo double figures, and it seems my chin, belly and butt is doubling quite easily as well!

Anyway, I did have a nice day. Spent the morning following the 2 older boys around the soccer pitches of Sandy Bay, then headed over to the Mothers Market around 11ish.

It just isn't that relaxing shopping with children, so after a few cupcakes and a few catch ups we were out a there! But I was lucky enough to get a breath with the new and lovely creations of Dick and Dora and Baby Hoot, they are just lovely. There are more market pictures here and here.

Here is my second son outside the hall kicking someone elses ball looking a little Edwardian (he likes to wear his soccer socks like tights and walk around in his duffle coat and shorts - its an all navy concotion).

Next stop the Colville St Gallery to drool over the newest exhibition of Zsuzsa Kollo, I love her work and would love to get one. I think I might have to have another look sans offspring.

Then off home to have champers with a couple of friends and their kidlets there were 10 between us! Here is Finley doing his impression of Woody Allen...


Michelle said...

Sounds like an awesome day - glad it was a good one. Thanks for your lovely comment!

That Finley is super talented!

Pippi Langstrumpf said...

Sounds like a great day! I had to miss the Mothers Market this time due to the festivities happening at home.
Do you have any markets coming up?
I'm hoping to check out Odd & Even this weekend. I'll have another stall at 'the market' next weekend. Eeep...better make more stuff!


Sorry for your chin, belly and butt... glad to hear you had a great day. Belated best wishes to you, Edwina!

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