Monday, June 08, 2009

Market Day Wrap up

Rainy weekends are perfect for staying home in front of the fire, which is usually where you would find me. But, the weekend of markets got me out of the house, by the beach and running around St David's Park with the Autumn leaves.

The Blackman's Bay market was again full of lots of lovely things and people. My stall was next to the very lovely Lynne from Tas Knitters Spins, who dyes and spins her own wool and knits gorgeous baby hats. The wool is incredibly beautiful and great value. I have been avoiding knitting and crocheting for the longest time, because I can only imagine it will turn into another craft obsession and I don't really need another one - Lynne's wool nearly turned me and still might!

I purchased this stunning pencil roll from Marita, and while the plan was to not let the boys touch it, they already got to it without me looking - hence the missing orange pencil. It is just so amazingly beautiful I might just hang it on the wall.

I also picked up a Flintstone-esque felt ball key ring from Julie and a lovely laser cut Key brooch from Fiona Verdouw.

The Market was also fun and lots of lovely things. I went with my matey who has 4 kidlets and unfortunately there were a few implosions so we didn't stay long. I did pick up a book called 'Below Tree Level', illustrated by Leigh Rigozzi and written by Benny Walter. I haven't started it yet, but having them all lined up on the table reminded me of Uni days - don't ask me why, but hey I hope he sold a few and continues to write.


Melissa Goodsell said...

So glad you decided to get the pencil wrap - it's totally gorgeous!!
Such a lovely market :) You should come along to our Tuesday morning craft group and crochet/knit there :)

Pippi Langstrumpf said...

Glad the market was great and you found some great things to purchase by the sounds of it!

Also, I've just tagged you in one of those taggy bloggy thingys!

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