Friday, July 28, 2006

A Baby Libertine

I have been distracted of late and not doing much creating or blogging, but, one thing I have done is make Sacha his own Baby Shambles tee.

Not exactly because he is a fan, but because my old friend Emily thinks he looks like Pete Doherty. I am not exactly convinced, I mean, really who wants there 2 year old son to resemble the latest wayward rock st*r, coke head, troubled genius, supermodel ex ?

Yet there is a spark of the defiant and libertine about him so I guess I can see where she is getting it from.

The result, his first band shirt... you decide

Friday, July 14, 2006

Bastille Day, as it happens...

... and a new family friend, a reindeer, no less. Not really a Rein-deer, just an ordinary dear, whatever that is.

Somehow he just fits the bill and seems perfect in that space over the mantle that has been empty since we moved in (just waiting for a relic of death to fill its patient ambition).

I know, I should feel morbid about the nature of this new decoration, but frankly it is quite beautiful, serene even. And for some weird reason I have quite fancied the thought of one since I was a child. It might have been the tartan/highland/heathy fashion of the time (sometime in the 80s). Or maybe it feels more landed gentry, in any case, he was a wonderful surprise present from R to mark our 10 years together!

Perhaps we will both be in therapy in 10 more years, trying to figure out the symbolism of that token, until then, tally-ho.

ps. Harriet if you read this ring me, I have some news
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