Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Great Fleece Giveaway

The Shearer came to visit today and have left Rosie and Bear feeling a little lighter. I have always wanted to do something meaningful with their fleece, but I never have and in the spirit of the New Year am trying not to horde too many things.

Rosie has white wool and is a corriedale x polwarth (I think?) and Bear has black/brown wool and is an Australian Merino (very fine wool). The fleece is unwashed and uncarded but could be used for a spinning, needle felting or just stuffing softies.

So if you would like a free bag of wool and are happy to pay the postage* I would love to send you a pillow-like package of their soft fleece, compliments of the season.

If you would like to share a little of Rosie or Bear please send me an email to littlesnoring AT iprimus DOT com DOT au, or leave a comment.

*note: I have weighed some bags and checked out the postage rates, to the USA - small bag $8.50 / large bag $14, and, to the mainland (Australia) - small $5.30 / large $9.30. Let me know which you prefer in your comment or email and I will send an invoice via Paypal.

** I still have some left..


Amy said...

I have just sent you and email... your sheep is so cute

Katie said...

Oooo I'd love to have a little. I'll send you an e-mail.

Liz said...

I'm in need of Bear's Wool :) well kennedy and Mckenzie will like it too.

littlesnoring said...

Postage Costs

I have weighed some bags and checked out the postage...

to the USA - small bag $8.50 / large bag $14.
to the mainland (Australia) - small $5.30 / large $9.30.

noricum said...

Do you still have some left? How much would it be to ship a small bag of each to Canada? I'm interested!

KatieKate said...

Oooh, I'd love some too! Any left?
So generous of you! I'd send you something in return... chicken feathers? Perhpas, no.

I shall join the "email wagon" as well.

Rebekka said...

I have emailed you too! I love wool!

And your sheep are so sweet looking.

jessica said...

Any more? I'm probably too late, but my friend LOVES to felt and dye her own materials (with things she finds in her yard, mostly).
Thank you!

Chester & Amy Davis Family said...

I just sent you an email -- if you still have some, I'd love some! Thank you!

Christie said...

if there is any left, I am happy to pay postage!


mary willis said...

Of course, I don't know how I am supposed to request some! This is your computer illiterate friend from NC, USA.

I would love some fleece to do a little handspinning with with my class- have just started knitting again after recovering from my children not wanting to wear what I made them (age10-17) and now asking for things again...

The children LOVED the crackers, did I tell you? And it was interesting to see how the jokes were often hard to get (language, references to things we don't have here, etc), but we still LOVED them, even the paper crowns were a wonderful novelty!

Mary Willis
postage to US?

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