Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Post 101

This is the 101th post in the nearly two years since I staked a claim at this blogspot. Not even close to once a day but in this world of speeding pixels, slow as a snail seems to be ok, in fact, slow is a perfectly legitimate speed, after all there is slow food, slow growing, probably slow parenting.

I propose to join the slow blogging movement. Is there one? If not here is begins.

(until perhaps tomorrow when i may post again just cause I am on a roll)
((and in the spirit of procrastination and pointlessness, herewith, a button for the movement))
(((feel free to proudly paste onto your blog before your next unexpected but prolonged blog break)))
((((Join the revolution... blog sporadically, or stop, or never start))))


Lonie Polony said...

Good plan. I think I shall display your button on my notoriously infrequently updated blog :)

Really bad at posting said...

Me too

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