Monday, January 07, 2008

If children were adults would you play with them?

The thought occurred to me the other day that I wouldn't be friends with my kids if they were adults. If an adult displayed the same tendancies most kids have ie; self-obsessed, bossy, demanding, whiney, messy, ungrateful, self-centred etc, then I would not be their friend!!!

But more than just being their friend, we have to make food for them, be nice to their friends (even if we don't really like them), wash their clothes, change their sheets, buy them things, look after them when they are sick (even if it is 1am, 3am or 5am and we are sick as well), drive them places.... all this for the rest of our lives!

They suck us in we they are babies and then we are stuck.... in love with a monster...

Sometimes, I just don't want to be the adult in the relationship. I often catch myself standing with the other adults (the Parents) wistfully watching the kids playing on the swings or jumping in the pool and think to myself... I want to do that. How come I get stuck with these boring grown-ups, how come I am not having as much fun as them!


[ just feeling sorry for myself, and hoping no-one will notice I have already broken my NY resolution ]


Felicia said...

Go right ahead and jump and swing and play. The other parents will be jealous of you :)

emmi said...

At least you're talking about the kidz and not R!

Trisha too said...

Always play! It will keep you sane, and young. :)

Dana said...

Oh, but you can have fun, like driving down the road with your kids, seeing Santa, rolling down the windows and yelling "Santa, I know him!"(quote from the movie Elf) or kickbox through the parking lot with a child, or ...make up your own. It truly is glorious!

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