Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Office Crafting

It is a very bad photo, but I made these little drawing books for a couple of last minute kids birthday gifts. Whipped up using old postcards on the Office binding machine. It got me thinking about Office crafts... there has got to be a book in that, no?

Not sure what was going on in this game, dressed and ready for something... perhaps a little water tennis?


Emmi said...

O gawd I'm homesick!!!!!!!!

Lonie Polony said...

I used to use the manual binder at the office to procrastinate when I was in a job I really hated. My personal favourite office tool was the mechanised awl (once I figured out it actually had to be turned on, rather than just rammed down on a sheaf of papers...)

auntie emmi said...

Actually, can you email me that photo purty plzzz?

Its way too cute.

Anonymous said...

Good one on office crafting and it helps a lot.

Peter - Officetronics Binding Machines

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