Monday, January 21, 2008

The Cupboard under the stairs

My horoscope this week said that I need accept that things are not going to return to "normal" and that I am in transition to the new "normal", which frankly is a relief.

The tumble of December made me think I was going to get a chance to relax through January and plan my future in a leisurely fashion, but that was not how things have turned out. I have been busier than before and trying to get all the plated spinning, which has strangely included cleaning out the cupboard under the stairs. Perhaps a physical manifestation of the tidying up of my brain including the bit of grey matter that is covered in cobwebs and mostly left in the dark.

And so the new "normal" is starting to look a little more organised and quite comfortable.


Lonie Polony said...

European wasps were found to be nesting in my mother's cupboard under the stairs...

emmi said...

I'm no Ghengis Khan, but I'm pretty sure its just ticked over into the Year of the Rat - ie, your POWAH YEAR RO-LAND!

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