Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sock Monkey Quilt

This is Sacha's Christmas Quilt. It is my first quilt and I really love the central block of sock monkey's looking a lot like police mug shots and of course the brilliant yellow bananas. Strangely, since he received the quilt he hasn't eaten another banana - that is a two year old for you.

First is the whole quilt, then two of my favourite acts of random quilting.

There are more images here.


Anonymous said...

Adorable - I love Sock Monkey's!

Quilters Anonymous said...

Refreshments & quilter support during production were supplied by our local chapter of Q.A.

Michelle said...

What a wonderful quilt for your son! I love how you've used the fabric and the border works really well! Thanks for showing me!

patsijean said...

Poor kid; the bananna thing, as they are tasty and good for you. However, I have to say, I hate sock monkeys. To me they are ugly and scarey and I am 62 years old (I've never liked them, not even as a kid). The quilt is cute though. The full shot shows lots of color and movement, and detailed piecing.

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