Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A gift from beyond 2 graves

I went to visit my new neice in hospital and she was wrapped in this amazing blanket. It turns out the blanket was knitted by my Great Grandmother Millicent for my oldest sisters first babe. Before she died, Millicent gave it to my Grandma to pass on to my sister. Two weeks before my Grandma died she passed it onto my mother, who gave it to my oldest sister. Unfortunately she has not had any of her own babes, so she passed it onto the newest little girl in the family.

We think Millicent must have knitted it when she was in her eighties and she died about 25 years ago when she was 93. I really love the Art Deco feel about it, the colours and pattern remind me of the 1930s which would have been her heyday. All those generations of women in the family, it is nice to be reminded of the way we are all knitted together.

ps. I have added more pictures of Holly here


quilters anonymous said...

don't know which I love more - the baby or the blanket?

BTW - GREAT photos, esp. 'aren't I cute?' She's a darling.

Jill said...

The blanket is gorgeous! The baby's pretty cute too ;) (found you via Whip Up - hi from fellow Tasmanian!)

Kali said...

Hi ~ Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog, I appreciate having people leave a comment when they can. Anyway ~ just wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading your posts and think Luca is so cute and very talented already with the camera. Your neice is a sweetie, and I think your Great Grandma's blanket is wonderful...I'll enjoy dropping by and visiting someone local!

roo said...

I think I've arrived from wee wonderfuls. I love the blankie. beautiful, beautiful colors!

Mirre said...

What a lovely blanket and what a great story behind it!

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