Monday, March 13, 2006

Domestic Bliss

The whole little-house-on-the-prairie thing of yesterday got me thinking about ... domestic bliss.

All these years I thought it was all about irony, and I guess as a way of describing a generation of women, then yes, it still is about being ironic.

But, I think it does actually exist. Domestic Bliss.

For example,

I can be hit by a moment of DB when the entire houseload of washing has been completed, washed, dried and put away.
or, when I have changed the sheets. Clean fresh sheets, 100% cotton - white, bliss.
Cleaning the floors can often yield a momentary sense of satisfaction, maybe not as far as bliss, but its good.

The thing is with all moments of bliss, spiritual, orgasmic or otherwise... they are only fleeting...

But at least it is real, and I can acknowledge that.

I don't have to feel like I am selling out the entire female population, when I when I feel joy at baking a perfect cup-cake.

Let them eat cake!!

[ Image is from a Coen Bros Website ]


H said...

can I say that I totally agree, I scrubbed the floor (with diluted bleach and a scrubbing brush no less) the other day and felt the warm glow of satisfaction. Such a simple pleasure. My mother would be shocked given my horrid teen years where the floor of bedroom was not seen for at least 6 years!!

scrubbers anonymous said...

my name is Emily and I'm addicted to washing up....

for years now I've been mocked in the street about my problem.

finally I've found a forum where others understand.

and from now on, I will submit a comment to this forum whenever I feel like washing up.

Cheeky Beaks said...

Your post summs up the DB thing very well. Especially the cup cake bit!

Relapse girl said...

I have a confession to make: I had a moment of distinct DB this morning when I dragged my cold-ridden self out of bed and straight to the kitchen sink. Red nose, 10 year old polar fleece dressing gown, large pile of washing up. I couldn't have been happier....

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