Friday, August 11, 2006

Wip Fridy

I am stitching a new quilt. I started with a flurry a few months ago, then screeched to a halt. This is where I stopped - some bits sewn together, some cut out, some still to cut. There will be lots of blank cream cotton squares and then a random sprinkling of pattern and colour. All squares, small, medium and large.

I hopeful that there will be found the inspiration to keep going. I am outing myself as a one-quilt-wonder, may be I can finish this one and break the curse.


mangetsu said...

Haha, so you are only one step ahead! I hope I'll be a One-Quilt-Wonder some day...
I like the simplicity and the different colours combined with white, will look plain and fresh and modern.
Let's finish our quilts!

Jill said...

Ooh one day I hope to be a one-quilt-wonder too! The first step to becoming a two-quilt-wonder and so on!

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