Sunday, September 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Luka!

And now he is 5!

More photos of the Birthday Party here.


mangetsu said...

This looks like fun. Great birthday cake!!! A rocket. Nice. I guess the next cake for my girl will be a gorgeous high heeled shoe...You've got a bunch of lions in your family, don't you?

was-having-her-hair-done said...

Wow - I agree - that's a BRILLIANT rocket cake that I missed...

...and now I can see that the cupcake you so kindly saved for me was actually one of the rocket's shuttles!


Liz said...

Auntie Liz was thinking of LUKA on his birthday. I'm glad that I could share his birthday through this blog. It seems that he had a great time. I didn't see little brother? The cake looks awesome! is the white stuff Ice Cream? Kennedy wanted to know what was on the table to eat?
Happy belated birthday LUKA and your gift is in the mail ;0)

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