Thursday, February 15, 2007

And then there was 3...

Another beautiful boy! He was born two weeks ago, healthy and strong, weighing in at 8'11oz. He was without a name for quite a while but we have settled on Finley. He smiled when we asked him if he like his name, so I guess that is an approval. The boys are both enjoying their new brother and smothering him with lots of love and kisses.

Strangely I have been quite busy sewing, but still not too many quiet times to get online, so will update later.


Alex said...

Indeed, beautiful he is!
Congratulations and my best wishes for all of you.
PS: Love the name Finley but will have to think all day where I first noticed it... was it a book, a movie?

Kate said...

Congratulations!! Gorgeous photo.

Mirre said...

Welcome to the world, Finley!!

So lovely to hear that everything went well and that you even got some time to sew!!

foodkitty said...

What a perfectly cooked little bundle - he's already working on a smile :)

Kali said...

Oh My Gosh!
I've been checking in daily to catch up on your wonderful news.
Congratulations on the birth of Finley...great name for a darling little boy.
The photo is sweet.

in regards to your question on my blog on how I make lavender water;
I place about 3 handfuls of dried lavender flowers into 1 cup of distilled water and a splash of white vinegar, & approximately 1/2 cup of rose water (which you can get from a chemist or some health shops ~ I use what my Mum has given me), all in a jar...mix up and let sit for a few days, then strain into a bottle to use in the wash.
I also buy some water soluble lavender water from Woolies, & add some of that to the final rinse of my wash, depending which one I have on hand. Some of this in a spray bottle mixed with distilled water is also nice to use as linen water for ironing...makes everything smell divine.

Lonie Polony said...

Congratulations! I hope everyone is healthy and well.

Carson said...

Welcome, little Finley

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