Friday, March 02, 2007

Fashion Police part 2

I do not understand why this blog is called Shiny Squirrel, seems like a weird one. But, hey-ho, may be I can't really talk, anyways its a good for rundowns on the shows and other accoutrements. It is not like I can afford the outfits, or would be seen dead in some of them... but, it is a little bit like gossip mags, they appeal to my fantasy existence as the slim, well groomed, stylish, beautiful (in a classic 'good bone structure' sense), international me.

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Food Kitty said...

I have a fantasy life too, and believe me, it does not involve blogging, share trading or anything to do with sitting at a computer! And I am taller, blonder, thinner etc, etc.
(PS Finn looks like a good'un.)

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