Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Friday, March 02, 2007

Fashion Police part 2

I do not understand why this blog is called Shiny Squirrel, seems like a weird one. But, hey-ho, may be I can't really talk, anyways its a good for rundowns on the shows and other accoutrements. It is not like I can afford the outfits, or would be seen dead in some of them... but, it is a little bit like gossip mags, they appeal to my fantasy existence as the slim, well groomed, stylish, beautiful (in a classic 'good bone structure' sense), international me.

Family Love

A quick update for the fam... more snaps of little Fin and some shots of the boys new bedroom make-over here.

There is also a great post over at the washing line about the time immediately after birth, maybe its the fourth trimester... I can relate completely to feeling connected to the babe as if he was still part of me, his cries really do make me feel pain. Especially when the other boys are misbehaving, the combination sends my stress levels irrationally into overdrive. As he grows bigger and older and is not completly dependant on breast milk, I am sure we will morph into two separate beings and I will feel able to move further away from him than the length of an umbilical cord.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fashion Police

This baby business is taking a toll on the frequency of posts. I wasn't exactly prolific prior to B3 arriving, but it is a new month and I intend to be more attentive, maybe trying just a little bit harder.

In an attempt to kick-start my month of posts I thought I might share some links to some of my favourite blogs, this weeks theme is fashion police.

This one is definately my current favourite, The Sartorialist, it is a wonderful dose of street style, designer fashion and European splendour. I love it!

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