Sunday, April 06, 2008

Week of Cute - Day 3

Ok, I am finding the week of Cute a little problematic. I mean take this print for example I bought a copy from here. But would you call it 'cute' I don't know. I remember when I was a teenager I was talking to a very cute boy, and he was quite offended at being called cute, I guess he really saw himself as slightly more manly. Now, I see his point. Cute can be a difficult thing to be.


Lonie Polony said...

Yes...I don't know about cute, but you know how easily I get freaked out by such things...

Bird Bath said...

well i never really thought about it till now... but it could be tough being cute. I wouldn't know:)

Kenneth Rougeau said...


Thanks so much for including my Sheeple in your blog post :) I did notice, however, that the image is not linked to anything. Would it be at all possible to change it so that the artwork links directly to my online shop? In this manner, anyone who might want to could find and perhaps purchase the artwork for themselves. It would mean a great deal to me. The address to my shop is

Thanks & have a wonderful day!
- Kenneth Rougeau

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