Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hello Chooks

The Hen House is finished and we are in the market for some girls. So last weekend we headed to the Poultry Pavilion at the Show Grounds for The Tasmanian Rare Breeds Poultry Club Show and Sale Day. Unfortunately when we got there, there were mostly Cocks left and as well all know they might be good for babies, but not that useful on a day to day level.

We are after some layers, we are nearly decided.... we think maybe, some Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshire and a Black and White one (forgot the name).

Anyhoo, I had a great day out at the Designed; Made Market the other day. I met lots of lovely people and after I defrosted from the morning chill, had a very lovely day. Some of you dear readers came out of the closet and said hello, which is always a surprise and a thrill. I will be having a stall at the next Blackman's Bay Beach Market on June 6, and there will be lots of lovely stalls (including some other bloggers) so pencil it on the calender.

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