Monday, April 03, 2006

Generational Supremacy

At 4 and a half Luka is already expressing an aptitude at poetry that greatly surpasses his mothers. Which needless to say is not hard. I particularly like the expression of his childlike innocence, yet, already in touch with the undercurrent of the zeitgeist and the thought that someone or something else is pulling the strings.


Jill said...

Ooh, excellent! I can imagine it read dramatically with performance elements and suspenseful pauses! I think a lot of what kids say and write is in the vein of abstract poetry :)

littlesnoring said...

Thanks Jill, it is surely only a poem a mother could love!
The process is quite cute though, he just says whatever pops into his mind and I type.

Janet said...

How wonderful to have a poet in the family! I recently posted a couple of haiku by my granddaughter but she is much older than your Luka.

He sounds wonderful!

hypocrites anonymous said...

pull string for pop-off back....gawd, what do you feed this kid ?!?!


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