Friday, April 28, 2006

Back-tacking across the universe

I signed onto to BT3 and have received my swap partners and now the pressure is on. I am feeling the old waves of procrastination crashing over me, just like they did all those years ago at Uni.

On occasion, I observe my life from a step to the side, and the usual pattern I fall into when there is a deadline, is to wait until the last minute. I try to convince myself that it is not procrastination, simply the time needed for my unconscious to work through the task at hand and come up with the best solution, which cooincidentally arrives on time in my head as the clock ticks down.

The weird thing is somehow I feel more pressure to come up with something original and creative for someone I have never met, than passing my university degree. Go figure.

But when you see the talents of Moonstitches you can see why I am nervous, and I can't understand a word of German, but whatever I make will be winging its way to Japan, which is pretty cool.

I am also very stoked to be receiving a lil' softie from the equally talented Larissa all the way from the USA.

I am not sure if I will be posting any work-in-progress shots, I will wait and see if I can get the old grey matter working a little faster.


non-blogger said...

great photo!

Impatience is a virtue said...

Things seems to have gone quiet in blogland since this BT thing started....

C'mon - how bout some WIP shots??

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