Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Back on Tack

It has been a busy time at the house of Little S, so the posts have been few and far between.

We have two great house guests who are sisters and aunts and are big balls of fun. There have been a load of presents, lots of great dinners and some fun outings including the never-tiring tour of the Cadbury Chocolate Factory (very hard not to like!).

The kids scored some cool new Paul Frank rain boots and I scored a great pile of fabric to add the the stash.

! Mucho Gracias Aunt Whiz and Aunty Inghy-Poo !

And finally I have my Back-tack project well underway, I will post some little hints soon.

And many thanks for the comments and favourite movies in the last post, I find it so hard to define my 'favourites' because as soon as someone suggests an alternative, I jump straight on the bandwagon and remember that I just loved that film as well. Case in point - Pulp Fiction, I loved it when it came out, I first saw it at the Movies in Japan, and I remember that most of the time we were the only ones laughing, I guess some things get 'Lost in Translation'!


Quilters Anon. said...

Hope to see some of those new fabrics at the next meeting.

Mirre said...

Wow, great wellies and fabrics!!!
I'm curious about your BT softie; I'm working on mine too!

Michelle said...

Gasp! Look at that loot! I'm jealous.

sooz said...

Oh man I want those gum boots. BADLY.
Hey thanks for commenting on my BT3 wabbit too!

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