Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Meet Incy

I was reminded of the joys of being a kid the other day when Luka introduced me to a creature he had found in the garden. He was soon christened Incy and become our mascot for the day. Safely ensconced in the bug catcher with some leaves, Incy the Snail went on a trip around the world, making friends with everyone we met that day including the Doctor.

Even though it grossed me out a bit, Luka was oblivious to the slime factor and even did a photo shoot with incy. The photo of Incy sliming up the bathroom wall was my favourite shot that he took.

Incy was retired at the end of the day and safely returned to green pastures, thus avoiding me the difficulties of working out what to feed this new pet and in fact where his mouth actually is!

It also arose in me a distant memory of being fed a slug by two of my older sisters. I am sure I ate it, near the wooden fence by the wattle tree at Acton. H, can you confirm or deny this charge?


harriet said...

Think it might have been a worm and I am sure it was not me ... I was the good one!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the first time we went to Waldheim chalet at Cradle, my daughter went for a wee and came back with her NEW BEST FRIEND - yep, a writhing leech.

It was so-oo cute and shiny and black....

Anonymous said...

Ooh I am just glad Incy wasn't a spider! Me and my sister used to keep tiny snails in margarine containers in early years. I think they are quite resilient pets!

Auntie emmi said...

Such cute photos of the bigger of the little fellas!

And as for Harriet being the good one - pffffffft, that really is 'a good one'!

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