Sunday, November 12, 2006

Back Again

I was talking to my sister today (Hello Harriet) and she was complaining I hadn't updated this little blogaroonie for ages. I know, I know, it has been a while.

I wonder if there is a officially a medical condition called blog-block. Sounds a little constipated....hmmm.

Ok, so a quick round up before I head back into the garden...

- the boys will be heading overseas in a few weeks, and I have to say I am feeling pretty happy with the thought of the house to myself for a whole month. Of course I will miss them, but just think, all that book-reading, movie watching, mess making (with no need to tidy up straight away if I don't want to), leaving the house without needing a baby sitter, or bag of spare anything and eating all the foods I love but the family doesn't.... sad for a moment, but maybe some fun to be had as well.

- I have been busy making Christmas Fairies and other related seasonal crafts as presents this year - look out everyone, it is looking like some handmade presents with feature strongly in the sacks this year.

- I am trying to toilet train Sacha at the moment, it is one of things I have been putting in the too hard basket for too long. He is doing pretty well and now there is no turning back.

- I went away to Freycinet Lodge for a week for work, below is a photo of the view from my room. It was a lush cabin and I scored an upgrade, so there was bathrobes and slippers and best of all a massive spa bath. No TV or phone was an interesting challenge, but designed for the total getaway... it was pretty nice, but I did miss the family!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Have just had one of those frustrating rounds with Blogger where it won't let you publish, so was feeling all v. grumpy when bloglines suddenly pops up with new posts.

Imagine how quiet your house is going to be soon!

Those spa cabins overlooking Richardson's Beach at Freycinet are pretty special, aren't they? Great fitout, and such warm bathrooms. Sigh, will have to get back there sometime...

Anonymous said...

thank you from harriet who is half a world away and finds your blog more conforting than reading aussie paper online ... frankly much more interesting than reading aussie papers online ... can we add getting a skype to your november actvities? .. I am now talking with Anna in singapore to fiona in sydney and my errant boyfriend accross town in london. Best of all I am planning random skype conversation as you can search for people online imagine talking to arandom person in Russia?

Anonymous said...

appologies for poor typesetting resulting in very bad spelling and grammar ... errant boyfriend finally called using skype and I sent the post without proof reading. Will let you know how random phone coversation with russian goes ... actually that could be a great blog theme "notes from randon skype calls around the world"

Mirre said...

That's a wonderful view, I can imagine that you enjoyed that!!

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