Thursday, October 19, 2006

Register any reluctance by remaining silent...

This has been doing the email roundabout in this neck of the woods, some advice for the wife...

ps. It seems obvious why most women these days leave the 'obey thy husband' vow out of their nuptials

pps. If anyone has misplaced a chook that has had a stroke, please see Foodkitty's blog for its whereabouts.


purchasewoods said...

Poor Foodkitty - I don't really want to look in the pot. lol!

Good post!


Anonymous said...

fab news - chook has been claimed!
The three other chooks took a walk up the street so a neighbour I didn't even know had chooks came in and asked whether we had seen theirs.Pointed to the mulberry and off he went. Rang later so say that after drinking half a bucket of water, chook was fine!
Don't know what was wrong with our water, but hey!Cheers

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