Saturday, October 14, 2006


The weekend cool weather has calmed the atmosphere around here. But you can see from the image below, things got a little close on Wednesday and Thursday. Hot and Windy - the worst conditions for bushfires and the fires here were pretty close to the suburbs.

Our home is close to the bush, but fortunately not close to these fires. But the Summer is just starting and so is the bushfire season... hopefully none will cross our paths this year.


Kate said...

I was just watching the news and looking at the bushfires. I hope things calm down soon and this year is not going to be as bad as the experts are telling us it will be.

Belinda said...

We had our own brush with a bushfire this week here in the North of Sydney. Luckily for us it moved in the opposite direction but it was still quite scary..

Anonymous said...

I hope this last fire has removed a lot of the risk, fingers crossed.
Wonderful photo (if wonderful is the right word.)

mangetsu said...

This really looks scary!
I hope for the best for everybody, and for the trees.

purchasewoods said...

It looks like this is going to be a long summer. It is a bit frightening.

Stay well.

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