Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mug Shots

Hmmm, it has been a little while since I last posted anything here, it seems real life always seems to get in the way. There is much afoot at Chez Snoring, not least of all an overseas trip for Christmas. Yep, all the boys are off to the US for Christmas, while I wallow around the house for a month to myself (nb. I will be too pregnant in Dec to travel).

Luka already has a passport with the cutest little baby photo of himself at 6 months... he has changed somewhat but hopefully the guy at Immigration will believe it is the real him. Sacha on the other hand needs a passport and therefore passport photos. A lot harder than you can imagine... look, see rejects ... try getting a 2 y.o. to look squarely into the camera, not smile, close their mouth and not move!


Auntie Emmi said...

He's too cute for words -

But those shots will be worth heaps when he's a superstar - keep them for your retirement fund.

Liz said...

This auntie thinks he is soooo cute. I can't wait to see him and his brother. we will miss you. enjoy your time alone!!! who knows when you will have that time alone again :)

Anonymous said...

when are you bringing the boys to th UK so that sacha can meet his doppleganger .... pete docherty ... oh aliright am responsible aunt shall not introduce young nepheew to people will questionable possibly highly illegal drug habits

miss you heaps

aunty h

Anonymous said...

engish aunt appologises for bad typing and hebce bad spelling and possible grammar

purchasewoods said...

Christmas in the USA? I will keep my fingers crossed for stress-free travel and short lines. And I really hope that you have a relaxed, peaceful time while they are gone. I know you will miss them.

Those photos really are priceless! lol!

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