Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Halloween has come early

Our boys are blessed to have the influence of many cultures on their lives. They have a wonderful family in America - Yaya, Papa, Aunties and Cousins, that help us to share the joy of many American holidays with the boys. Their Grandma Yaya sends Halloween costumes every year and over time we have shared our home with a monkey, little lamb, an owl, batman and spiderman and a lion. This year I am happy to share the celebrations with one of our favourite little friends, Pooh Bear.


Anonymous said...

You know, we are very good in Australia at pooh-poohing (sorry, couldn't help it)customs like halloween as being so very commercial etc, but then you see a lovely little kid in a brilliant costume, and all the humbuggery disappears!
Just lovely!

Sacha's new agent said...

There's a cute kid comp on ninemsn.com - you've gotta let me enter this guy - you're sitting on a goldmine.

Hanna said...

Oh gosh, a moving lill Poh of your own in your house - that is just sooo cool! :-)

purchasewoods said...

A touch of home - I really miss Halloween, sometimes. Wonderful photo.

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