Thursday, June 14, 2007

Not really beach weather

The winter has really started to hit, lots of cold days and many nights with the fire roaring.

Yesterday, the troops were getting a little restless after another day indoors, so I thought we might hit the beach for the last rays of afternoon sun. Of course about five minutes after we hit the sand it started to rain. But there was a wonderful rainbow, a full arc across the horizon... (oops forgot to get a snap of the whole thing, just the beginning and the end) and enough time to collect some shells, throw some sand and then run for the car and home for a hot bath.

The little specks of colour in the middle of the first shot are the boys looking for shells, the baby was curious, but not that impressed with the chill in the air and the rain on his nose!


Mirre said...

What a beautiful photo of your little one looking at the rainbow!

Jill said...

I concur - that's a magic photo. Ooh gosh it's cold isn't it?!

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