Friday, June 29, 2007

Not waving, drowning

No focus at work, no focus at home, no focus for this ridiculously adhoc blog - just got no focus. I am like that, my report card reads - gets distracted easily... and so while I have been busy trying to do things, just can't seem to get over the line anywhere.

And so I offer you a random photograph of my Aunt and Mother with Jeffrey Bumphrey Buckleby Slade and Pitty Sing, somewhere in the English countryside, somewhere in the time that has passed.


Lonie Polony said...

How nostalgic! Reminds me of books like The Treasure Seekers

Anonymous said...

my god where did you dig up that photo? I have not seen it before

saw biffy, pamela, emma, nicola and twinks the other night they send their love

equally rubbish on the blog front will try to update tomorrow night

Carson said...

lovely photo... so Milly Molly Mandy.
& random is good

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