Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Glog - a - long

I am pretty excited that some of you are going to glog along with me. I have been trialling the production of actually growing things and then eating them for a few months. We started last year with a lot of enthusiasm and have had more failures than success, but I am still keen to make it work.

So focusing on what did work -

Lettuce! Yes, lettuce I was amazed how easy it is to grow and how delicious it is to eat fresh and not from some days old plastic bag. Easy and delicious - it is apparently able to be grown year round including the frosty bits, I must get some more and plant it. (I didn't have much luck with planting seeds but seedlings worked really well)

Basil and coriander in pots. This only worked when I put the seeds in planters and put them on the kitchen window sill. Something about seeing them everyday and so close to the tap, they got regular watering and they grew and grew.

Cherry tomatoes, it is still too early to put them in here in Tassie but they were also good.

The failures included the apparently super easy peasy zucchini, the tres facile pumpkin vine, broccoli (apparently wrong season), bok choi and strawberries plus many more I am too embarrased to list.

But my sister lent me this book and it is easy to follow and a comprehensive section on each type of vegetable. Next, I am planting Asparagus...


Dick & Dora said...

Rocket is great - its a summer thing but although its gone to seed now, we're still picking leaves here and there and it is very tasty. Rhubarb is another easy thing, but it does need lots of water...

one little acorn said...

Looks like a great book - and I love your GLOG. Such a good idea to keep record and also to keep everyone involved.

Juddie said...

Hey there,
I'm happy to glog along with you! I love eating fresh salad greens all crisp and dewy and straight from the garden. We are picking rocket, corn salad, radishes, lettuce, cabbage and carrots at the moment and waiting for our broad beans, peas and runner beans to grow up nice and tall. Yum!

Good luck with all your fruit and veg :-)

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