Friday, July 11, 2008

Learning Gardening

I started writing a GLOG last year when the kids and I wanted to grow some veggies. It seemed like a good idea to note down what we planted, when we planted and what happened. Looking back it seems we were a little ambitious and most things didn't really grow, survive or thrive. We did manage to get some tomatoes to grow, but almost every thing I planted from seed failed (except some radishes). It has been quite a useful thing to do and I now know I am not very good at watering.

So this is a new year and I thought I might take the GLOG global and post a few things here as we start planting and thinking about growing this year.

These are the Principles of our GLOG ...

"This is our garden's logbook, or glog. We want to keep a record of our garden as it grows (or not) so we can learn from our success's and failures.
The aims of our gardening adventure are to:
- grow nutritious food
- watch the cycles of life
- harvest water
- teach ourselves through action
- eat well and exercise
We would like to grow herbs, fruit and vegetables to eat and flowers to use around the house.
We hope to work organically, reduce our shopping list, reuse materials and equipment and recycle."

Or put simply by a 5 year old - Learning Gardening.


Faith said...

Ahhhh..... I LOVE this idea. I have often thought I should have just a diary as well, this being the first year of my solo attempt at organic gardening. (Last year I had a communal garden with my dear neighbor. She's moved and I'm left to flounder about alone. Oh dear.) A GLOG. A brilliant idea, since it seems that I am to do this whole gardening thing by mainly trial and error. I think I shall have to join you. It would benefit me to record my mistakes so that I can know what to do and not do next year. Brilliant.

Thanks! Faith

Dick & Dora said...

This is brilliant. We're having a go too, so keep us posted, and we'll do the same.

AnastasiaC said...

what a great idea!! Last year my parents dug up part of their backyard and made a vegie patch - they also gave my 5year old a small section for 'his garden' he's been super interested in his plants and we ate loads of greens !! so good!

Dees said...

what a great idea,precious how children can say things so well!♥

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