Thursday, August 07, 2008

Bill Oddie with Chickens

Its not really Bill Oddie, it's Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. But he reminds me of Bill in that hairy Englishman kind of way. Anyway a friend put me onto Hugh's show on English telly called River Cottage Spring which you can download and watch. It is centered around growing your own food, eating and cooking well and generally being more sustainable. It is quite addictive and has been reassuringly simple in its approach to planting artichokes (don't ask, why I feel reassured about planting artichokes, I just do) and asparagus et al.

Along the same lines I have recently discovered another gloggy blog based in Queensland called Down to Earth, she has some cute chickens, lots of good advice and a good quick home made soap recipe using lux soap flakes. And some great green cleaning recipes including laundry soap, which I haven't tried yet, but might sometime soon.


Juddie said...

Great! Thanks for the links - I'm off to explore them now :-)

AnastasiaC said...

i love River Cottage...Hugh is always entertaining! we always had chickens when I was a little one...some of my earliest memories are eating fresh eggs from our chickens...i was about 3...!

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

How HOT is Hugh?! thanks for turning me onto him!

Miles McClagan said...

I got on a bus once with Bill Oddie, and someone behind him went "Oh, Bill Oddie...goodie!" - he didn't laugh and kept reading his book.

This isn't the best anecdote in the world, but it was still Bill Oddie.

Anonymous said...

I have the book but now I know what to get you for christmas

ps was at dinner last week and another Hugh (ex of jemima and liz) was at the next table, my celeb spot of the year .... and yes I lead a very sad life

and no I did not go near him, nor did the autograph thing that would be truly tragic (but the thought did cross my mind)

please call have more hilarious updates on my tragic love life


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