Friday, August 15, 2008

Trip to the Midlands

I love winter time in the country. Yesterday, I took a quick trip to my favourite country town in Tas, Oatlands.
Yes, it is a controversial choice. Most would pass it by, it is not the prettiest, not the most spruced up. But, that is part of the love. It is has not been gentrified too much and is on that wonderfully bleak wind swept plain that makes it feel like a destination outside the comfort zone.

Having said that the two middle photos are of Dysart House in Kempton the country pile of Leo the Big. I must say, he seems to be giving it a nice monied sheen, at least from the outside looking in.

But, give a thought to the locals who are doing it tough because of the drought. I caught wind that one of the best customers at the supermarket is the Salvation Army, there are a lot of people needing help and support, and not just financially. It is only an hour from Hobart, perfect for a country drive and if you have some spare, think about spending some money in the local stores. I bought some beautiful Oatlands grown and handspun merino wool, a huge wicker basket and a few other treasures.


Kristin said...

What a lovely trip that must have been! I love that you helped to sustain the community and your stash all at once! :) We try to do things like that too. There is a small town about 35 miles from here that we drive to often with the girls, and we make sure to stop at a very small local farmer's market to support them because of their kind attitude and because I think that what they're doing with supporting their family and community with the farm is pretty amazing. :)


2paw said...

When I was little we would always go for a drive every Sunday and often went to the Midlands. In the olden days it was a wriggly windy road and we would look out for the topiary trees. I miss the small towns that are all bypassed by the new highway. We would stop and pick mushrooms and wander about the small towns. Thank you for sharing your day!!! It has brought back very happy memories!!

Miles McClagan said...

Completely agree about Oatlands, and feel inspired to take my long awaited drive to Avoca. Love showing respect to small Tassie communities!

Juddie said...

Oooh lovely! For a long time my husband and I have been talking about a Tassie getaway - we're just across Bass Straight in Melbourne and I can't believe we haven't managed it yet!

I particularly love winter drives to out-of-the-way towns - will have to keep this area in mind.

BTW - I love your blog header. So cute!

blackie said...

what a sad fact to learn! I think Oatlands is charming too, I hope more people pop in and give the town a little boost after reading your post.

Did you know the church there was designed by the same person as westminster abbey?!

Rach said...

Hello, as an ex Midlands (Tasmania) lass I was delighted to stumble upon your blog and recent post (I came via dickanddora). I get excited when I find a Tasmanian blog - I always wonder if I know the blogger... Love your pocket panda. Rach

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