Sunday, September 14, 2008

blog day morning

It has been a long time... it is never planned that way, but turns out that other things get a chance first, including
- a seven years old birthday party with a very fast boat and 18 kids.
- cooking birthday cake, cupcakes and jelly (not really cooking, but negotiating space in the fridge = work)
- lots of gardening... planted seeds of mitsuba, rocket, parsley, mustard and lettuce, planted some artichokes and dug a fire pit, weeded and mulched.
- 317 baskets of washing
- worked, went to Launceston, worked
- finished 3/4 of order for Michelle, still have 80 purses to make (procrastinating big time)
- designing some new notepads and a range of screenprinted fabrics
- got itineraries (thnx Inghy) we are going to California for Christmas
- school holidays
- worked, big meeting, worked
- thinking about everything that needs to happen between now and December
- slept, got sick, got depressed, slept
- removed sugar from my diet (mostly, no more choc, sugar in coffee, cakes etc)
- ate more salads
- finished a book!
- started teaching my 86yo Dad how to use a computer.



Miles McClagan said...

I so want to start a small business teaching old people to use computers (as a front for selling them pep pills)...

blackie said...

all excellent reasons for a blogging absence. Well not so sure about the 317 baskets of washing.

California for Christmas sounds very tempting. Any room in your suitcase for a medium-sized woman?

Dick & Dora said...

Hope your garden is looking better than ours ... we're giving it a fair bit of love although we too have had to take time out for horrible lurgies (and associated depresssion) and similar quantities of washing. Roll on Cali for ni ah.

Anonymous said...

I'm out of breath.....

Juddie said...

Wow. You go girl!

Lisa said...

So very busy.

Are you feeling better after cutting sugar?

I'll bet your Dad is appreciating the lessons.

Susie McMahon said...

So delighted to see that you live in Tassie, albeit south of the Mason-Dixon line (just joking!) We too are getting into food growing in a serious way - we have always grown some, but now we are growing a lot, and managed to grow enough to keep us supplied over winter. Spring planting is now in full swing. Added a sunny seed-starting room to the north of the house. (Great also for reading on a cold day) Put in UV vacuum tube solar HW a couple of months ago. Planning for chooks. Maybe a sheep or two. Coming full circle in a way, as I used to do all this when I was younger. Thanks for your kind words on my blog.

Liz said...

Eddie you inspired me to go and post on my blog after almost a year. I can wait to you and the boys. just around the corner!!!!

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