Friday, September 19, 2008

Domestic Life in a Hurricane

"I mean, what is electricity? How does it work? What’s the grid, anyway? It’s all a profound mystery to me, but I do know going without it is like getting a quickie divorce from time. Days don’t seem short and staccato anymore; they turn into interminable drifts of daylight and darkness. In the hot standstill of Louisiana in late summer, you have time on your hands, so you play cards with your child, sit on the stoop and watch the light change. You pull the ice chest outside and talk to whoever’s around, a maintenance man who stayed behind or a policeman passing slowly in a squad car. You spread out board games, check on the old people. In return for staying, you get one of the strangest adventure vacations on earth: you time-travel backward.

This is a great story about a living with the wind.

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emmi said...

Life's so much more fulfilling without electricty - kinda begs the question don't it?

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