Saturday, October 25, 2008


The tranquility is alarming. We shipped the kids off for a sleep over at Gramma's house. I find it the weirdest paradox that I can spend months dreaming of off-loadin the kids for a little time to be myself and then the minute they are gone... the house feels empty (although it feels like their ghosts are still here), the car ride to the restaurant too quiet and I feel like I am on another planet.

Still that was mostly last night. This morning is bliss. All to myself, bliss.

The last few months have been less than smooth. I have been really driven to try and help the little two with their skin. They have had really bad excema for a long time now and the conventional treatment of steroid creams just do not work. Their sleep has been affected and I think their view of their world has been altered. It has been an all together irritating ailment.

I could carry on about all the advice from $200 per minute specialists I have received, but I won't because it was crap. But, the good news is, I have changed everyone's diet and the excema is fading away, nearly all healed and calm is coming our way.

This last week I have been spending more time in the garden planting seeds, mostly greens for salads, and watching the brussels turn into sprouts (note to anyone: you have to let them flower so they can form the sprouts - too bad I pulled out all but one plant because I thought they 'were going to seed' - mostly I think it is me going to seed)

I am also day dreaming about California. Lift-off is still 6 weeks away, but I am thinking about packing bags, the flight over and back with Mr 2 on my lap, treats to take, cookies to make (Inghy and Espy have signed me up for a cookie-swap), things to buy, op-shopping in LA, fabric shopping, drafting patterns, maybe making some clothes, eating lots of Mexican food, watching american telly, excess baggage. It has been 7 years since I left the country, so I am geting pretty excited.

The other consuming passion of late around Chez Snore, it Mr Barack Obama. We love him, we really want him to win, I do not want contemplate life if the other guy gets in. Luka even had a dream the other night that he got to meet Obama and ride in his limo and talk about his maths with the guy. So cute for a 7 year old. Note to self: they are sponges...


blackie said...

I'm excited too about Obama. I am not letting myself imagine it too much, just incase I get let down. I feel a bit guilty for being excited in US politics but, well, it will be HUGE if it happens.

House to oneself sounds divine.

blackie said...


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