Sunday, November 09, 2008

Happy 40th Harriet

So now I have outed my sister for turning the big 4 Oh! I can show you the gift I made for her. It is a cosy quilt filled with alpaca batting, for placing over her lap for nights in front of the telly. Because there will be no more boozy nights out with friends now you are officially over the hill!

The top of the quilt is a cheater-print from Denyse Schmidt called Patchwork Promenade, which I can highly recommend if you want to whip something up quickly (having said that it still took a few weeks to get together and to quilt). The border is a thick strip of orange velvet that my grandmother had in her stash and I inherited, there was just enough to go around, and I really love that there is a little bit of her in there as well.

The bottom is a well a patchwork of pieces from the stash, they include some Heather Bailey, Anna Maria Horner, Kaffe Fasset and some Alexander Henry pieces.


2paw said...

What a clever idea. Very special that you could use the velvet for the border. LOve the patchwork backing!!!

Jill said...

It's gorgeous, I think the back is just as nice as the front! I ahve an old dress of my grandmothers made from deep jade coloured velvet, would love to use it somehow but will need the ultimate inspiration before daring to cut into it :-)

blackie said...

oh wow, i love it, love the mish mash look and all those different patterns. well deserving of a 40th present.

as for crafting chrissie pressies...I'm putting everyone's gifts in hand-made calico bags with animals stenciled on the front. that's all i got so far...and all i may get round to doing!

Anonymous said...

Being the reciever of the fabulous quilt I can report it has been used (often my heating went kaput as a cold front came in from the artic) and is loved.

What Ed does not know is that the velvet trim is the same material that my grandmother used to make a small velvet cushion (not suprisingly called velvet cushion by my unoriginal 5 year old self) that I dragged everywhere as a young girl (think linus's blanket from snoopy).

emmi said...

Love the log cabin (?) quilt - & HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY HARRIET - don't worry, we're not far behind!

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