Thursday, November 27, 2008

Movember - still time to donate

Movember - Sponsor Me

I have been noticing a lot of dodgy looking mo's lately, so it means only one thing...its Movember. I love to have a laugh to myself at the extra facial hair. But it is also a good reminder that men's health is not talked about often.

All donations to Movember go towards Prostate Cancer and Beyond Blue. So, if you know anyone participating please think about donating. If don't know anyone growing a Mo and would still like to donate, the widget above links to my brother-in-law's MoSpace so feel free to donate on behalf of his middle-aged, bike riding, mustachioed ass.


emmi said...

This year I finally worked out - I hate Movember!

Its an affront seeing all those unexpressed handlebar fantasies on the streets!

Little Snoring said...

That is so funny... there are definately a few more Village People wannabes walking the streets, but all for a good cause right?

Dick and Dora said...

I thought I had your email somewhere - cluttered head so can't think how to find it ... email me at and we can talk turkey!

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