Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Masonic Market

I am not sure why I am standing at the kitchen bench writing this post. It is not the most comfortable spot, but convenient to listen to Margaret Atwood on the radio and boil some 'dippy eggs' for the boys. Unfortunately I overcooked the eggs and they were decidedly undippy.

It is also kind of cold tonight and the kitchen has no heat, so I will keep this quick. Just wanted to show you the one and only photograph I managed to get of my stall at The Market today before the battery kapooped.

Still it was a lovely day and hello if you were there. I met some lovely folks including a few readers so hello to you too and farewelled a few Pocket Pandas who were adopted to new homes which is always lovely.

I also bought some truly gorgeous soap from Natures Path, it is made from Tasmanian Olive Oil, spring water and essential oils. I got the Damask Rose and the Goats Milk and Lavender, they smell divine.

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