Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paris Poodles

This little Poodle went to Market,
this little Poodle stayed at home,
this little Poodle ate Roast Beef,
this little Poodle ate none, and,
this little Poodle went wee wee wee
all the way to The Henry Jones.

These little puppies are the newest folks to join us at Chez Snore. There is 6 in total, and although they probably don't altogether look like doggies, they are, so there. French Poodles.

I will be taking them to the designed; made market (there will be no wee, wee, weeing, I hope) on Sunday May 3.
I am pretty excited to be having a stall (and feeling no pressure!) but hopefully you can come along and say hello.
It is the weekend before Mother's Day, so I am going to be scoping the other stalls for my present, because after all I think I deserve one, even if I have to buy it myself!

Here are the details:
designed; made, open air designers market
When: Sunday May 3, 2009 - Open to the public 9.00am – 3.00pm
Where: IXL courtyard, Hunter Street, Hobart
Website: here


Pippi Langstrumpf said...

And aren't they adorable little doggies! Good luck at the market!
I'll be having a stall at 'the market.' on the same day. Annoying how they clash. I would have loved to check out designed;made.

I came across your blog the other day - just started blogging myself last week.

P.S We've met! We both had stalls at The Beach Market (you bought one of my bookmarks!)

One Crafty Mumma said...

Oh they're very gorgeous and definitely French looking :)

Dick and Dora said...

Would you be interested in joining a Brown Owls group if one got up and running in Hobart? Let me know if you are.

xoxo Ingie said...

to cute E...too cute...

Dick and Dora said...

Ha! I used to work around the corner from Spitalfields too, it seems we'll have quite a bit to talk about at our crafting get togethers, if I can just get myself organised to get something happening!

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