Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sojourn at Cradle Mountain

Here are some pictures from a trip to Cradle Mountain last week. (thx Inghy) It was good weather really, cold but no snow or rain. Perfect for a trek around Dove Lake, which was lovely, except that Mr 2 insisted on being carried for the whole 6kms. We took turns but when he fell asleep half way around I thought my arms were going to fall off! We even got up close and personal with a very friendly wombat.

The Americanos are heading home today, so we are all sad. But, I will be drowning my sorries in a big bowl of left-over Albondigas (yummo!) and some friojle tacos and tucking into my own bed. Lush.


Michelle said...

That sounds like the perfect getaway. I've only had a short day trip to Cradle Mountain but would love to see more.

And well done capturing a pic of a wombat - super clever!

Little Snoring said...

Can't actually take credit for the picture of the wombat. My sister in law took it, but it was super cute, just popped on and off the track as if 10 people weren't there being loud and amazed at the little creature.

emmi said...

Motherhood brings out the inner weight-lifter in us all!

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