Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little Snoring nominated for The Poppies - best handmade jewellery award

Little Snoring has been nominated for The Poppies run by the very cool website Poppytalk in the Handmade Jewellery Section.

If you feel like it, I would love you to vote 1 for Little Snoring... click here to vote.

(ps. Thanks Jacqui from Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree for letting me know.)


emmi said...

Congrat's to Little Snoring!

BTW very gorgeous model

Natural Cures For Sleep Apnea said...

Snoring is like a beast. You are true snoring is escalating in small broods also. This mammoth post should read all the people who are suffering from snoring problem.

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

Sorry Edwina, I went to vote, and then realised I was too late!
Congrats for getting in the list anyway!

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