Saturday, March 06, 2010

Little Snoring: Peg Doll Ladies from the village of Big Hair

Peg Dolls became popular toy in Victorian times, and I think their charm is still visible. They are also a lot of fun to dress up and play with and an easy craft for kids.

These lovely ladies look like they have just stepped out of the hairdressers! I only wish my hair would look so full and fabulous!

Anyhoo this ladies will be coming with me tomorrow to The Market. I have made up some Peggy Peeps People Kits (fun for the whole family?) ... will be trying them out at the next few markets.

Please note: The making of Peg Dolls is addictive... I have growing collection now... a few more than is really necessary for a woman of my age.


Marita said...

I love those bouffant hair dos! The kit is a great idea.

Melissa Goodsell said...

They're so sweet! We're a peg doll loving family here, but we don't have any with hair that cool!

emmi said...

i know someone who's gonna LOVE the peggies -( well, in a couple of years)

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