Thursday, June 01, 2006

Le Petit Delice

So, it has been several weeks since an update, but only several moments since the last morsel of Le Petit Delice French Nougat slipped down my throat. Too bad it was so petit, because now I feel like some more.

Our house guest have now left, back to California, and our life back to normal. It seems like it was all a dream, but we have been left with some fun memories and the boys now know their Aunts very well.

I even managed to fit in a few creative pursuits while they were here (can't beat live-in Aunties), but the batteries in the camera are dead so some snaps will have to wait.

My back-tack (bunny) is on its way to Japan, so hopefully Alex will like her. And, Larissa indulged me with a sneak peak of the lovely little friend that will be coming my way soon, so I am a little more excited about the impending arrival.


Larissa said...

The little chocolate & orange package went out today! It should take about a week. Whee.

sooz said...

Hi and thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm sure you are really feeling the cold in Tas right now. Brrr. I wouldn't mind slipping into that knitted room...

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